Win More Games with these Fortnite Tips and Tricks

Fortnite Tips and Tricks

The craze for battle royale games may have dwindled, but Fortnite is still as famous as ever. It’s an ever-evolving game that never ceases to surprise with each update, and these tips will enable you to score victory royales more consistently than ever. But winning the game is only half the picture. The real fun starts when you dab on your enemies with exclusive gear and if you don’t have any, simply buy Fortnite account to access some of the best skins in the game.

Without further ado, let’s take a peek at those tips.

1. Use Decent Headphones – Headphones make you a better player, that’s a fact. Most of the time, knowing the enemy’s location is half the battle. Being able to tell the direction of incoming shots just by hearing will greatly improve your reflexes. You’ll be able to respond faster to the enemy, and in a battle, every split-second one of those decisions count.

2. Minimize your Noise – All the legendary loot will do you no good if a player gets the drop on you. Any player with half-decent headphones can hear your footsteps when you make a movement, so keep mobility at a minimum. Loot and build structures when there is no one nearby. Players can also hear you switching weapons so, don’t change gears when you’re approaching an unsuspecting enemy.

3. Pay attention to the circle – Many players are so engrossed with scavenging that they forget to track the circle and succumb to the storm. Prioritize getting to safety first as there are players who camp at the edge. You don’t want to get caught by them, especially when you’re fleeing from the storm.

4. Keep up your Shields – Most players horde consumables for the gravest of encounters. However, that encounter never comes, and the player inevitably ends up dying with their newly acquired character. Avoid hoarding stuff only to die a regrettable death. Use your resources, even if you risk exhausting them. Give it everything you got, because the enemy won’t show you any mercy.

5. Don’t be Trigger Happy Larry – Don’t rush in as soon as you see the enemy. The goal is not to get kills, but to survive the other 99 players. Victory can be achieved by camping the whole game, but that’s just boring. The lesson here is to pick your engagements. If you think the enemy is alone, take the shot. But before you do, clear the area and ensure no one else is around to take advantage when one of you is recovering from the fight.

6. Avoid Looting Others Instantly – Most players rush to loot bodies instantly after a kill, becoming easy targets for lurking enemies. Always scout your surroundings before looting to avoid getting ambushed by campers.

When you’re rocking a cool-looking skin, or better yet an exclusive one, winning games becomes much more enjoyable. Hopefully, these tips will help you improve your game and if they wouldn’t don’t forget that there’s boosting services for Fortnite available just a click away.

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