Where To Find 2 Books On Explosions

Fortnite’s 7th season of Chapter 2 enters its 12th week today with a new batch of limited-timed Legendary Quests.

These quests typically have some sort of theme or narrative, all of which have tied to the alien invasion and the ongoing conflict between Slone’s IO forces and the little green men.

This week we’re tasked with destroying dummies, searching for books on explosions (Fortnite’s very own Anarchist’s Cookbook) and ultimately activating a ‘Countermeasure Device’ underneath Corny Complex.

For the purposes of this guide, we’ll show you where to find two books on explosions. There are six total scattered around the map at three different locations.

Steamy Stacks Locations

As you can see, both books here are located in buildings near the parking lot in the south-central section of Steamy Stacks. One is near a bench in the lobby of the Kevolution Energy building just to the right of the main entrance. The other is on the ground floor of building #3.

Dirty Docks Locations

These are more spread out. The first book is located next to two dumpsters by the western entrance to the location. The NPC Joey should be nearby. The second locations is by a dumpster just west of the big shipping container area.

Catty Corner Locations

The first book in Catty Corner is right next to the pile of garbage in the northwestern portion of the location by the trailer. The second can be found next to a trash can outside of the garage in the southern side of the location.

Simply nab two books at any of these locations and you’ll complete the challenge and rake in another 30,000 XP. XP translates to Battle Stars which allow you to unlock more goodies in the Season 7 Battle Pass. We still have a few weeks before Season 7 ends and Season 8 kicks off so finishing as many of these lucrative, XP-rich Legendary Quests as possible makes sense.

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Happy hunting out there young Padawans!

Also, what do you think? Are Fortnite’s challenges way too easy?

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