Does It Really Rip Off Among Us?

Fortnite’s Impostors Mode reveal has stirred controversy, and many are Epic accused of ripping off InnerSloth’s Among Us. How similar are they?

On Aug. 17, Fortnite announced a new Impostors mode for players to enjoy. In the reveal trailer, Agent Jones has betrayed the Imagined Order, and now the organization has been infiltrated. Agents must complete tasks around the map while looking for clues about missing Agents, while the Impostors have to eliminate everyone else in order to take control. Players have been tasked with rooting out these imposters in a game of social deduction – very similar to 2020’s indie breakout hit Among Us.

While Fortnite is known for its colorful, cartoon-esque FPS gameplay, it has branched out into other game modes before, such as Payload, 50v50 and Team Rumble, among others. Epic Games has also set a precedent for using these limited time modes to usher in external partnerships with organizations such as Marvel, DC, the NBA and musicians like Travis Scott. In fact, there are so many partnerships in the game, it’s created the Fortnite multiverse.

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Since the announcement of Impostors mode, several fans of Among Us, as well as its developers, have called out Fortnite’s newest game mode as a ripoff. Unfortunately, it’s quite common in the gaming world for elements to overlap, closely resemble each other, or, in rarer cases, be outright copied. Among Us itself is a video game version of the popular social deduction game Mafia, also called Werewolf. Similarly, there are many video games similar to Among Us, such as Town of Salem and Station 13, which predate InnerSloth’s hit, proving the game’s model isn’t completely original in and of itself.

Fortnite’s Impostors Mode vs. Among Us

Fortnite Among Us maps

That said, there are several similarities between Fortnite’s Impostors mode and Among Us that lend credence to the idea that Epic took liberal inspiration from the indie hit. Most notable is the Impostor branding, as the word automatically invokes Among Us gameplay. Fortnite Impostors’ game mechanics are also similar to its predecessor, from Agent assignments to Impostor tricks to summoning everyone to the Bridge for accusations. Additionally, Among Us developer Gary Porter pointed out that Fortnite’s new mode map was identical to one of the indie’s ship map, albeit with one or two rooms swapped.

The only discernible difference between Fortnite’s Impostors mode and Among Us is party size. Fortnite caps its group at ten players, broken down into eight Agents and two Imposters. Among Us recently updated its party size, expanding to allow for 12-15 players, up to three of which can be Impostors. However, the near identical similarities between the two games does raise the question of why Epic didn’t collaborate with InnerSloth, especially given Fortnite’s veritable multiverse of crossovers and partnerships.

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