Fortnite: Where To Destroy Target Dummies

Among the long list of Fortnite Week 12 challenges, you’ll be required to destroy target dummies with IO weapons. Doctor Slone is preparing for all all-out assault on the aliens, and her endgame is coming into view. Brush up on your training with this mission and prepare for the attack by using our guide, which will you show the target dummy locations in Fortnite.

Fortnite Target Dummies

The target dummies you’ll be looking for this week are conveniently near each other, but you’ll first need to collect an IO weapon, as destroying them with anything else won’t count. For this challenge, we recommend dropping into Defiant Dish, the satellite station east of Weeping Woods, and looking for one of the abundant IO weapons in the area. A Pulse Rifle would be best, but any IO weapon that does damage (note: not the Recon Scanner) will do.

From there, head into Weeping Woods and look for the lot of RVs that should be to your left when descending from Defiant Dish’s hilltop. When this quest is active, you’ll see two target dummies nearby. Shoot them to progress to the halfway point of this challenge, but you’ll need to destroy two more dummies.

Target dummies can be most conveniently found in Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp.
Target dummies can be most conveniently found in Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp.

Continue into Slurpy Swamp, south of Weeping Woods. Go past the road that always has a Slurp Juice truck parked on it and look directly into the woods nearby where you’ll see two more target dummies near a campfire. Shooting those two will complete the challenge for you and earn you 30,000 XP as part of the Week 12 challenges.

Remember, these dummies will not appear unless the related quest is active, so save the effort until you’re primed to complete the quest.

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