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Most games today still hide common, avoidable accessibility issues

Designing for accessibility in games is about making the intended depth and immersion available to the widest range of players. As disabled people know, there has always been demand for this in games, and that demand isn’t limited to a tiny audience. Here’s a great recent example: Naughty Dog published statistics showing 9.5 million players have used the accessibility options in Uncharted 4, a far bigger number than some designers and players might assume. 

Accessibility Week

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This feature is part of PC Gamer’s Accessibility Week, running from August 16, where we’re exploring accessible games, hardware, mods and more. 

The idea that games are somehow not for a disabled audience only adds to the long standing dehumanisation of disability in general. As a designer myself I have failed to apply this knowledge to my own work in the past, because I learned to design in a way that didn’t even mention accessibility as an issue, despite being disabled myself.

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