How to Catch Fish at Fishing Holes for Season 7 Challenge

New Legendary Quests have popped up in Fortnite for Season 7, Week 11, and one of them requires fans to catch five fish at fishing holes.


Fortnite’s alien-invasion-themed season is in its 11th week now and is coming close to an end. However, there are still many challenges and quests to complete in the popular battle royale title. For Season 7, Week 11’s Legendary Quests that have just dropped, one of them requires Fortnite players to catch a total of five fish at fishing holes. Hovering over the quest will not show information on where to go to find fishing holes, but this guide will offer players an easy way to complete the challenge and earn 45,0000 experience points in the process.

Where to Find a Fishing Rod

Before players go fishing at a fishing hole, they will first need to acquire a fishing rod. The fishing rods will often not be found in treasure chests; however, they can be found in barrels near many of the homes in Fortnite that happen to be near a body of water. For players that want to complete this quest quickly, there’s one location in particular where players can find a fishing rod as well as multiple fishing spots.

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To the west of the Craggy Cliffs point of interest, Fortnite players will find a small island with a landmark known as the Unremarkable Shack. And outside the shack, players will find a barrel with a fishing rod inside of it.

fortnite fishing rod

How to Catch Fish at Fishing Holes in Fortnite

Once players have the fishing rod equipped and ready to go, they should walk around the island’s perimeter and search for groups of fish. There will be a ripple effect in the water, and that’s where players will want to aim their fishing rod. If they hit the right spot, they can pull the fishing rod out of the water and have a chance of grabbing a fish or possibly a rare weapon or item.

In order for the Fortnite quest to be completed, players will need to catch five fish. Luckily, players can use the fishing rod for as long as they would like to, as it has unlimited uses. However, players should be aware of enemy players that might drop down onto the same island.

fortnite fishing hole island

While players search the location, they can also find one of the Alien Artifacts underneath a shack on the southern edge of the island. Five of them have been added to the Fortnite map every single week, and they can be used to unlock new styles for the alien Kymera skin.

Fortnite is now free-to-play on PC, PS4/PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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