Marvel and DC Comics characters are coming to the game!

Whether it’s Marvel or DC Comics, skins for superheroes are raining down on Fortnite. Small point to find in this article

If you are a fan of Marvel or DC Comics and love to play It is an electronic gameYou can’t ask for more. In fact, the battle royale in Epic Games looks a lot Want to cooperate with franchisees. Just look at the many superhero skins that are in the game.

The capital is gradually stabilizing

No doubt you will agree with us. Especially if you’ve been playing for months and years. On the other hand, those who do not have They didn’t try their luck in battle royale Maybe we don’t know what we’re talking about.

For the latter, know that many costumes have been found On It is an electronic game. So that we can change the “look” of our character and give it another side during games. If you can Avatar of Neymar, LeBron James or John WickYou can also play as Batman.

In fact, The bat is the hero with the most skins In the game since its launch over 4 years ago. Deadpool is behind him. This Marvel hero has 3 skins for his character along with Cuddlepool and Ravenpool.

But DC fans who adore the “bad guys” of this universe must be disappointed. AgoEpic Games Not yet included many “bad guys” in his exhibit. Or rather, he doesn’t seem to want to add the old “rivals” to Batman.

Only the most recent are part of the catalog. Proof of this is the Joker or Harley Quinn. After seeing the penguin, Mr. Freeze, or even double face It is an electronic game It can be a great pleasure for bat lovers.

Therefore, it will be necessary to be patient, because it does not seem to be about plansEpic Games. The studio seems to be focusing more on heroes marvel that the universe Capital however. The first franchise contains much more “people” than the second.

Fortnite: Marvel and DC Comics characters are coming to the game!

Is Marvel better off than DC on Fortnite?

unlike DC, Marvel I managed to include a lot of different characters. There also seems to be an emphasis on heroes rather than villains, with only a few villains such as Thanos, Venom, Dr. Dom et al.

However, despite the emergence of many studio heroes It is an electronic game. Missing star. We’re talking about it of course Spider Man. In fact, He is without a doubt one of the most famous heroes. However, this person was not yet entitled to his skin.

As for future skins, expect both franchises to play in the big screen versions. skins Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Likely to be in the small newspapers ofEpic Games.

as such The carnage after the movie Poison: Let there be a massacre He will have seen the light of day. For DC, the Black Adam skin could be coming to Fortnite. Batman’s fifth skin can also be relegated. To honor the release of the film with Pattinson, Batman.

It remains to be seen if everything we believe is true. And If all these beautiful people came On It is an electronic game almost. He goes You must have a little patience To find out more about her.