What is a Cosmic Chest in Fortnite?


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 brought us the Invasion arc, introducing a whole array of weapons, vehicles, and game mechanics for players to utilize. Amongst the new additions present on the Fortnite island, just what is a Cosmic Chest?

Chests in Fortnite have always served the purpose of providing weapons and items to players, wildly varying in contents. Many chests found in the game often yield low-rarity weapons for players desperate for guns, while also providing ammo, a health-restorative item, and a shield potion. However, if players are lucky, they could find Epic or Legendary-rarity weapons to slaughter the competition with. 

The prospect of finding a powerful weapon by doing something as simple as finding and opening a chest is what makes these objects so valuable to players. Variants of chests are present in the game, providing different types of items with set rarities, but they follow the same premise. With the addition of Cosmic Chests, the likelihood of finding a powerful weapon early-game is greatly increased, at the cost of both luck and cooperation from teammates.

Cosmic Chests will always spawn outside where the majority of the team lands if a 2+ player game mode is selected, prompted by a little in-game marker notifying the team that they have a limited time to rally up and obtain the chest, which is always marked on the map. 

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