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How Deathloop defies the immersive sim’s reliance on quick save

Deathloop is unmistakably an Arkane Studios immersive sim in the mold of Dishonored and Prey, but it’s making some pretty dramatic changes to the format. The most notable is that the world is locked in an unbreakable day-long loop, and if protagonist Colt dies, he’s thrown back to the start. 

Some players are understandably terrified by this: is Deathloop, god forbid, a roguelike? Will beating it require bashing one’s skull against difficult tasks until they ‘get gud’? Well, no. The things that seem scary about Deathloop—the loop, and no quick save—are actually there to encourage more experimentation and exploration, says game director Dinga Bakaba, as the player figures out how to assassinate all eight of their targets in a single day.

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