The Hilarious Way Fortnite Trolled Dataminers

As highlighted by one Twitter user, “Family Guy” has earned a mixed reputation for what some view as racist content. While others were quick to defend the choices made in the show, it’s clear that many people would not see Peter Griffin as a welcome addition to “Fortnite.”

Others shared memes highlighting their disappointment, including a picture of Mort from “Madagascar.” A different individual was determined not to believe the allegation that the leak was a joke, saying, “nothing can change my mind.”

Even if Epic Games used “Family Guy” to troll leakers, this might not be the end of the line for the crossover. One potential leaked feature could allow players to mod the game, which might serve as an indirect path for Peter Griffin and other pop culture characters to make an appearance.

This wasn’t the first time this month that “Fortnite” leaks were shut down. Just a few days ago, “Among Us” broke its silence on rumors that the two games had a collaboration in the works. The initial speculation also spawned due to supposed datamines performed by @HYPEX.

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