The Biggest Video Game News For August 13, 2021

It’s Friday the 13th, but perhaps it’s not such a bad day. Today’s biggest news promises plenty of Pokemon goodies on the horizon, and even a tease about Game Pass and Switch from Phil Spencer. If you’re in need of a quick briefer on some of our bigger stories, there’s a nice little TLDR ahead.

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Anticipated Games 2021 Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl

Pokemon Brings Triple Trouble

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are quite busy, with three new titles on the horizon. There’s a lot to show, so we’re getting a new Pokemon Presents next week on August 18 at 6am PDT. It’s an announcement of an announcement, so another classic “please be excited” situation, but you should see new information on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Legends Arceus.

Eevee in the Pokemon Anime

Celebrate Eevee Day With An Oops

Perhaps it’s not how Niantic intended for you to evolve Eevee, but it seems a glitch has removed the 10-kilometer walking requirement to evolve it into Espeon and Umbreon in Pokemon Go. The glitch isn’t here to stay, and Niantic has already said it’ll be fixing things to how they were before, after Eevee Community Day on August 16. While this one may be understandable, Pokemon Go’s developer keeps drawing ire from the community after a series of other pandemic-related changes were made to the game.

Master chief from Halo

Master Chief Isn’t On Switch, But He Could Be?

In an interview with GamesRadar+, Phil Spencer commented on a rumor of Xbox Game Pass – and it’s not on there, for now at least. Games Pass has made its way to plenty of devices, but Nintendo’s machine just isn’t on the list. There are “no plans to bring it to any closed platforms,” but he still sounds optimistic about where the service is growing. And even if there are no plans right now, Spencer added that Microsoft is “totally open to those discussions” in reference to other devices.

abandoned game

Abandoned Isn’t Abandoned

It’s no secret that things have been a bit strange around Abandoned, but we’ve encouraged our own audience to calm down, wait, and see. Abandoned has seen a few delays for its Realtime Experience, but Blue Box Game Studios has finally gotten it up and running on the PlayStation Store. Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot to it that you probably haven’t seen if you’ve been watching closely, but fingers crossed we’ll get a little more news soon about what exactly is going on with the enigmatic PS5 game.

Fortnite Won’t Meet Family Guy

Epic’s mega-popular battle royale, Fortnite, sees a lot of leaks. It’s practically routine at this point for certain community members to come bearing Fortnite-related announcements weeks before Epic ever actually reveals anything, but the usual sources were fooled this time. If you’ve heard the rumor that Family Guy’s Peter Griffin will come to Fortnite, it’s just not true. It was a troll from the developer to prank those who typically datamine and share the game’s details. Perhaps we’ll take the next reveal news a little less seriously now.

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Ripout Game Dead Space Co-op FPS
Ripout Combines Dead Space’s Body Horror With Co-Op FPS, Dev Shows New Gameplay

Think of Ripout as a cooperative version of Dead Space.

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