Study Deems Travis Scott The Most Influential Person In Youth Culture

After collaborations with McDonald’s, Fortnite, Nike, and more, Travis Scott has been named the “most influential” person in youth culture, according to a study done by Complex.

According to a study recently conducted by Complex, it was determined that Travis Scott is the most influential person in youth culture. Following his collaborations with McDonald’s, Fortnite, Nike, and countless other brands, that much shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The survey was established by Complex Collective for the Future of Influence edition. Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 were asked who they believe is the most influential person for youth culture, and their answers made it clear that Travis Scott has an insane amount of pull with the kids.

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The “SICKO MODE” rapper was the #1 person named in the study, and participants gave their opinions as to why he earned the spot. One teenager in California remarked that the rapper rarely “takes L’s” while a young Texan said Travis is winning because of the “Kardashian-Jenner effect.” Somebody from La Flame’s hometown noted that he “has a way of giving back to the younger generation,” and a 31-year-old Illinois man explained that he believes Travis is the most influential because “he has a mad range of influence across all kinds of subjects. He is not limited to just one or two.”

Most recently, Travis entered the film world by signing a production deal with A24, which will likely complement his next studio album drop. He’s been teasing his Utopia project for the last year, and it may almost be time for its release.

Do you agree that Travis Scott is the most influential person in youth culture?

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