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Shotguns in Fortnite are deadly if used correctly. A good headshot can eliminate opponents instantly. The only problem with these weapons is that hitting the opponent becomes impossible if the targets are not close enough.

Although most of the fights in Fortnite occur in the mid-range, the mysterious NPC known as Guggimon believes that getting close is the way to go. Besides being absolutely terrifying, the fights get chaotic and messy.

Guggimon has decided to test the mettle of the loopers in battle and has assigned them the task of landing kills at close range. This is the perfect excuse for players to grab a shotgun, practice, and earn 30,000 experience points.

Players need to get a close-range elimination. Since the challenge doesn’t mention any particular weapon, players can use whatever they deem appropriate.

Although players only need one elimination to complete the challenge, getting close to an opponent always comes with unforeseen risks.

How to achieve easy close-range removal?

Instead of getting a close-range takedown, players must first engage from a safe distance and then move to get a close-range takedown. This will reduce the risk of enemies counterattacking.

This method is the safest and most feasible. Players can choose the target of their choice and can take some time to plan before executing the move.

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