Move to Fortnite.Table games are still here

Get dice, shuffle your playing card decks, and set up your game board. No matter where or how you play, table games are back. Or maybe it never disappeared.

Face-to-face in the store before the COVID-19 pandemic Table game It contributed significantly to the foot traffic of the Green Building Game Store. BoardwalkSaid owner and operator John Emery.

“Providing a playground is more like customer service to us than it is to generate revenue,” he said. “When people come to play, that means they’re inside the door and might pick up something to take home, so much of the traffic was heavily influenced by COVID. Fortunately, the sales weren’t that high. Our loyal customers supported us through the time we had to cut back on operations, and we I’m very grateful. I was able to keep all the staff, but when going out wasn’t a good option, people seemed to play more at home. “

Like Boardwalk, desktop games play an important role in the business of Borderlands Comics and Games.

“About half of our business is games,” said Rob Young, owner of Borderlands. “COVID was a big challenge for everyone. We used social media and email to stay in touch with our customers. It was a challenge.”

Borderlands game table.

Reopen the table

After pausing the game in the store for almost a year, Borderlands returns gamers to the table and Young says the crowd is growing.

“At first we needed a mask, but only a few allowed it,” says Young. “The table had to be reserved and spaced, and the game needed a mask. Thankfully, the two at the big game table are socially separated by the size of the playing surface. “

The store offers a variety of games, but it attracts wargame enthusiasts who play Warhammer 40k, Star Wars Legion, and the Flames of War of World War II simulators. During the game, players form a miniature army for the war.

The boardwalk will also bring back the tournament.

“We started in-store play in early June and resumed in-store games for limited-capacity tournaments,” Emery said. “It’s a good idea to book a table when there are no events. The tables in the game room are more spaced and the tables are cleaned between each playgroup. Weekly, a little closer to the new normal values. I will re-evaluate as you go. “

New player in town

As stores navigate the new common sense of collaborative games, new stores are about to enter the market. Game Castle of the National Game Store will join the Greenville desktop gaming community when it opens its first East Coast franchise on August 7th at the 2854A Wade Hampton Boulevard. At Taylors.

According to Seth Amsden, Director of GameKastle franchise operations, the store will support all forms of desktop games through sales, events and playspace offerings.

Boardwalk game
File photo from boardwalk

Looking to the future

Both while the new store is in the fight Borderlands And the boardwalk is looking to the future.

During the pandemic, Boardwalk refurbished the space to add new floors, muffling, and a new private gaming room that could accommodate up to 10 people. Boardwalk social media manager Rachel Huggins has also added a card game counter to allow Magic, The Gathering, and Pokemon players to have dedicated staff to help them answer questions and build decks. did.

Borderlands plans to move to a larger area in the fall.

“I think in-store games will be an even bigger part of our business,” Young said. “We believe people are missing out on face-to-face games. The experience of sharing a game with someone builds a bond and creates a lifelong story and friendship.”

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