Free Fortnite XOXO emote – New Rift Tour Ariana Grande Challenges / Quests

We have brand new Rift Tour Fortnite challenges releasing today and players can get a free Fortnite emote, XOXO.

We’ve had all of the Rift Tour Ariana Grande concerts now and if you missed it, unfortunately there won’t be any more replays happening. However, we’ll likely see more Fortnite Rift Tour concerts taking place in the near future.

Before the very first Rift Tour Fortnite concert went live, players could complete challenges in order to unlock free cosmetics as well as being able to get some season 7 XP. Players that attended the event also got a free glider.

Free Cuddle Team Leader Fortnite Umbrella
Free Cuddle Team Leader Fortnite Umbrella

Now that the first Rift Tour event is over, we have brand new challenges to complete. They’re set to unlock today, Monday 9th August, 2021 at 3 PM BST (10 AM ET). Here are the new Fortnite Rift Tour challenges along with some of the rewards.

Rift Tour Fortnite Challenges

All three of the challenges below should unlock today:

  • Play matches with friends (10)
  • Reach top 25 with a friend (5)
  • Use an Alien Hologram Pad at Weeping Woods of the Green Steel Bridge (1)

How to get the Free XOXO Fortnite Emote

According to data-miners, the reward you’ll get for complete all three of the challenges above is the Ariana Grande XOXO Fortnite emote. There’s also a Rift Bubbles spray players can get for free by completing one of the challenges above.

Here’s a look at both cosmetic rewards:

XOXO Fortnite Emote
XOXO Fortnite Emote

Here’s a look at what the Fortnite XOXO emote looks like in-game:

There’ll be another three Rift Tour quests releasing next week. We’re not sure if there’ll be an more after that, but we do know there will be a free Silver Umbrella Glider available next week if players complete this week and next weeks Rift Tour challenges.

Not only do players get free cosmetics, they’ll get 60,000 season 7 xp this week from all three challenges and 90,000 xp next week.

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