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What’s your favorite multiplayer map?

There are some maps whose layouts have become indelible, taking up valuable space in our brains that we could be using to remember, say, where things are in our own actual neighbourhoods. Maps like de_dust2, Blood Gulch, Wake Island, Badwater, Nuketown, Facing Worlds, or that one level in Overcooked 2 where you have to run back and forth across a busy street. Some are symmetrical, some are asymmetrical, but play them often enough and they’ll lay tracks in your mind so deep you dream about being there. Which is unsettling, but anyway:

What’s your favorite multiplayer map?

Here are our answers, plus some from our forum.

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Shaun Prescott: Siege’s Presidential Plane. I was obsessed with Rainbow Six Siege around launch, and my favourite map was Presidential Plane. I wasn’t very good at the game and have since drifted away, but Siege’s extremely high stakes made it a great immersive roleplay experience, even if you aren’t particularly interested in the competitive aspect. Presidential Plane jacks the fantasy element because—at launch, at least—it seemed the most lifelike to me. I could easily inhabit the role I was playing (someone either trying to defend the plane, or trying to infiltrate it), and because the plane is laid out in a fairly logical way, I felt vaguely familiar with it long before I memorised the map. 

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