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PUBG teams up with hugely popular K-pop group Blackpink

Blackpink is a humongously popular K-pop group best known for songs like ‘Kill This Love‘ (over 1,300,000,000 views on YouTube) and ‘How You Like That‘ (over 900,000,000 views). PUBG is a gritty battle royale shooter that has recently retitled to the inexplicable PUBG: Battlegrounds. You see where I’m going here: Blackpink and PUBG are together at last.

The PUBG Blackpink event will run between August 8 and September 7, and it’ll feature special missions designed to dole out Blackpink-themed cosmetics. You’ll also probably start noticing Blackpink-themed decals and graffiti throughout PUBG’s maps, and throughout the event there will be Blackpink-themed supply crates with tasteful pink smoke emanating from them.

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