How to equip a Detector and disable an Alien Billboard (Season 7, Week 9 Legendary Quest)

As part of the Week 9 Legendary quests in Fortnite, you will have to take on a quest that resembles a scene in the movie They Live as you equip a detector and disable an alien billboard.

Detector locations in Fortnite

When you check out your quests for Week 9 and are ready to complete this quest, in particular, the map will indicate where the detectors are.

LOCATIONS: The map indicating where the detectors are.

Once you land, they can be a bit tricky to find though, so let us show you a nice easy one to use.

If you land in Craggy Cliffs and head outside to the front of the Sticks restaurant, a detector will be on the floor waiting for you to interact with.

DETECTOR: Show is the detector, just interact with it to pick it up

How to disable an Alien Billboard in Fortnite

Once you have your detector, which doesn’t take up an inventory slot, you need to track down any billboard you can find. If you’re following our advice and land in Craggy Cliffs, then there are multiple to inspect.

If you head away from the restaurant and turn right, you’ll see one on the beachfront. When you have the detector on you, they will glow blue to indicate you can now interact with them.

SPOOKY: An Alien Billboard changes its appearance once you get close with the detector

As you get closer to the billboard, the image will change and will instead be a black background with large white text that reads ‘SUBMIT’. Simply interact with the Alien Billboard once close enough, and its quest complete.

Week 9 Legendary Quests

The rest of the Week 9 Legendary quests are;

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