Fortnite update brings Pulse Rifle buff

Fortnite update 17.30 drew the most attention, but the patch also gave a great upgrade to the Pulse Rifle and tweaked the Heavy Assault Rifle to make it more viable.

In comparison to other updates, Fortnite 17.30 was a minor one. It introduced the Grab-Itron weapon, as well as a new in-game event, as well as preparing the client for Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour concert on August 6.

However, it isn’t just about what’s in the spotlight. Two unlisted changes were spotted by several players: a useful buff to the Pulse Rifle and some changes to how the Heavy Assault Rifle functions. Let’s have a look at the changes that have been made.

Pulse Rifle buff

Since its introduction earlier this season, the Pulse Rifle has fallen short of expectations. However, in the most recent patch, it gained a nice little buff, and it will now inflict more damage when players aim down the sights.

It is by no means a significant increase, but it is apparent. To get the most out of it, remember to aim down the sights when using it.

Reworked Heavy Assault Rifle

For players, the Heavy Assault Rifle has always been a hit-or-miss weapon. Some people dislike it and believe it’s garbage, while others love it. In any case, thanks to a revamp in the most recent version, things are going to get a whole lot better.

Its fire rate has been lowered somewhat. To compensate, its damage output has been noticeably increased. The most notable alteration, though, may be found in the first few shots. They will be substantially more precise than they have ever been.

Epic Games is constantly listening to player comments and fine-tuning the weapon balance with each update.

The current patch is proof of that, and while the improvements aren’t huge, they’re nevertheless welcome additions that people have been requesting for a long time.

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