Fortnite spy probes: where to place them and trick the mothership

We’ve got all the Fortnite probe location for the week 9 quest if you need to find them and fool the mothership. This mission from Slone requires you to visit three locations from a possible eight to place probes that will be take up by the alien ship above and help her analysze the alien abduction tech. These small devices are quite small though, and the blue outlines indicating where they should be placed can be easily missed as you run around. Because of that we’ve marked them all clearly out on a map so you can reach and place them easily. So get ready to may ET pay as we show you where to find and place Fortnite alien probes. 

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Fortnite alien probe locations

Fortnite spy probes

(Image credit: Epic)

There are eight Fortnite alien probe locations on the map, and all of them are quite closely clustered together. You need to place three to complete the quest which makes the first three on the map the best place to aim for, as you can get them all taken care of in barely minutes. 

When you get to any of the areas marked on the map you’re looking for a small blue instrument on a pole, like this: 

Fortnite spy probes

(Image credit: Epic)

Interact with the prompt when you get close and the probe will be taken up into the mothership. Because the Fortnite probes are quite small and easy to miss, here’s all eight areas in more detail: 

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