Fortnite: How to Unlock The Magma Masters Skins

The Fortnite Magma Masters set includes three fiery skins and several cosmetics for existing characters. Fortnite fans can purchase the bundle now.

Players can complete their fiery, lava-themed Fortnite cosmetics set with the new Magma Masters Pack from now until the end of the month. Though it often deals with heavier apocalyptic themes, Fortnite has a unique art style, with bright colors, soft edges, and zany physics. Players can add darker, edgier tones to their matches and intimidate the Aliens invading Fortnite Season 7 with fiery new cosmetics for Ragnarok, Rust Lord, and Kuno. Previously, Epic Games has released limited-time, fire-themed cosmetics in the Lava Series, with outfits and gear for Blaze, Battle Hound, Omen, and Valkyrie. The Magma Masters Pack is part of the Fortnite Lava Series and is also only available for a limited time.

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Similar to other cosmetics in the Lava Series, the Magma Masters pack costs real money rather than V-Bucks and can only be obtained in the Fortnite Item Shop. While none of the skins are currently available individually or for V-Bucks, it is possible they could eventually be released separately when the limited-time window for the pack has passed. Here’s how to get the Magma Masters Pack in Fortnite and every cosmetic the bundle includes.

How to Play As The Magma Masters in Fortnite

Fortnite Terminator Skin Lava Emote

For a limited time, players can only unlock the Magma Masters Pack in Fortnite using real money, not V-Bucks. The Pack costs $14.99 USD (plus tax) and is reportedly only available in the Item Shop until July 26, though this could change based on more official reports. It is not giftable, so players must purchase it directly.

The Magma Masters Pack includes the following cosmetics:

  • Molten Ragnarok Outfit
  • Feathered Flames Back Bling
  • Roast Lord Outfit
  • Tire Fire Back Bling
  • Incinerator Kuno Outfit
  • Flaming Dual Kama Back Bling

Some of these cosmetics will still be available in Fortnite: Save the World mode, though not all can be used. Each of the new Magma Masters Pack cosmetics will still work with the other items in the Lava Series, particularly the Lavawing Glider from the Lava Legends Pack. As an added bonus, many of the items appear to match, working well with one another to create a pleasing, lava-themed aesthetic.

Epic Games has quite a few cosmetic set releases coming to Fortnite in July. In addition to the Magma Masters Pack, players can unlock the new LeBron James cosmetics, either separately or in the King James Bundle. A new Armored Batman skin to celebrate the conclusion of the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point crossover comic event, and subscribers to Fortnite Crew have unlocked their exclusive Loki skin. Fans of character customization in Fortnite will have many options this month to allow them to express their style in-game.

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Fortnite is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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