Where to Find Cosmic Chest Locations in Fortnite (Season 7)

The Cosmic Chest is a valuable item for players to find in Fortnite season 7. This guide will show players where to find them and open them.

Cosmic Chests are a new item for Season 7 of Fortnite. This guide will show players where they can find them. Fortnite is out of this world for Season 7. This season has introduced aliens with powerful weapons, UFOs, and a looming spaceship above the island throughout every match. Players can even take these UFOs for a ride and carry opponents into the sky using a tractor beam. While last season centered around Primal-themed weapons, many of the challenges in Fortnite Season 7 center around the new UFO items. These weapons are needed to complete a handful of new Quests and may be useful when opening the newly introduced Cosmic Chests. These Chests contain loot and other valuable items, and each one has a chance to drop Alien Artifacts.

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Cosmic Chests are treasure chests hidden within a purple space diamond at random locations on the Fortnite map. The thing that makes this item much different than normal Chests is not only the loot on the inside, but also the method of opening them. To access the chest, players will need to enter a match with teammates. Teammates will need to take turns hitting weak spots to open Cosmic Chests. If players are looking to access this content, they will need to play in Duos, Trios, or Squads, as Cosmic Chests do not appear in Solo matches. This guide will show players where they can find Cosmic Chests in Fortnite Season 7.

Where To Find Cosmic Chests in Fortnite Season 7

Cosmic Chests will spawn in different locations on the Fortnite Season 7 map every game. Fans have had some luck finding Cosmic Chests at the locations marked on the map above. During a match, there is a logo indicator on the map that appears if players get close to one of them, similar to Supply Drops. As mentioned, players will want to enter a match with a group of friends to find and open Cosmic Chests. Inside Cosmic Chests, players will find powerful weapons and gold bars. Many of the Fortnite Season 7 challenges this week require both Gold Bars and weapons, so players should make sure to collect them whenever possible.

Playing with friends is also the optimal way to level up the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass. Players earn Battle Stars each time they level up, which they will use to purchase Battle Pass rewards, so earning enough XP is vital for collecting everything this season has to offer. Playing with friends is also much more fun than playing alone.

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Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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