Deathstroke Adds New Twist To Classic Hero Cliché

DC’s Deathstroke is subverting expectations and classic cliches in the fourth issue of the hit crossover comic, Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point.

Warning: major spoilers ahead for Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #4!

Deathstroke has added a new twist to a classic hero cliché. Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #4 takes something that happens in dozens of comics and twists them in a surprising way. Deathstroke and Batman have come face-to-face in an aggressive manner, but it may not end that way – at least not yet.

The mystery of Fortnite’s island continues to grow with the longer Batman stays in this world, the more threats he comes across. He has fought numerous original Fortnite characters, banded with Catwoman, and fought G. I. Joe’s Snake Eyes before allying with him. Now, Batman is up against Deathstroke, though their encounter may not end the way anyone was expecting.

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Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #4 has the creative team of Donald Mustard, Christos Gage, Christian Duce, John Kalisz, and Andworld Design. At the end of the previous issue, Batman gained his first-ever Victory Royale which landed him in front of Deathstroke – who was threatening Catwoman. The two fight briefly, but then things shift. Deathstroke claims that he doesn’t actually want to fight Batman despite his previous threats and he surrenders almost immediately – which is incredibly strange considering who he is.

There have been countless Marvel and DC comics where heroes have fought one another before realizing that they are supposed to be allies. They don’t trust one another, fight it out, and eventually get back to proper business. It is a tiring trope, but this twist doesn’t exactly fit the norm even when tweaking it. After all, this happens with heroes and Deathstroke isn’t exactly a hero – which makes his surrender all the more surprising. While it is refreshing that this is an instance where allies won’t beat each other up too much, it is incredibly suspicious how quickly he ducks out from fighting Batman.

For starters, as Catwoman points out, why bother threatening her so intensely? If he had no intention of harming her or hindering Batman, why do it at all? He also pointed a gun at her; he didn’t simply restrain her using purely physical force. There was a clear show that he could instantly kill her if Batman made a wrong move. So what exactly was the wrong move? The caped crusader DID ultimately attack him and Catwoman even joined the fray before he surrendered. What exactly is he playing at? Deathstroke also makes a point to call attention to the fact that he doesn’t attack the Dark Knight while he’s getting his memories back. An attack during a moment of disorientation would seem par for the course for an enemy – yet Catwoman is still free to defend him, so this wouldn’t be a smart tactic anyway. Even though Deathstroke claims to be an ally, there is no real reason for anyone to let down their guard with him. His behavior is plenty suspicious and his tactics don’t reflect any real sign of sincerity.

On top of avoiding an ally fight, Deathstroke subverts the cliché by not actually being a hero. He is quite the opposite – being a supervillain and regular foe to the Teen Titans. He and Batman have gotten into numerous combative situations in the past. He is the least likely person to be a quick ally, even if the world of Fortnite is a strange one to suddenly exist in. Even though Catwoman is considered a supervillain, she has proven to be a frequent ally and lover to Batman. She has had instances where she has been good and fought for people on the lower rung of society. Nonetheless, Deathstroke – as a villain and fast ally – has subverted a major comic cliché.

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