Fortnite: Every Icon Outfit & How Much They Cost

On January 20th, 2020, the developers of Fortnite announced that a new series of skins would be unveiled to the general public. This new series, dubbed the “Icon Series,” would differ from DLC skins of the past, as the Icon Series would instead feature real-world celebrities from around the world.

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As of the time of publication, the Icon Series has expanded to include nearly 10 unique skins celebrating celebrities from all backgrounds, from YouTube and Twitch streamers to music icons.

10 Astro Jack

Cost: 2000 V-Bucks

Featured as part of the Travis Scott set, the Astro Jack Icon Outfit is truly out of this world. Based loosely on the cover art of Travis Scott’s 2018 album Astroworld, the Astro Jack skin sees players donning a stylized astronaut helmet with a blue-neon face decal, along with a knee-length (and brightly colored) trenchcoat. This skin also comes in a secondary color palette, dubbed the “Sicko Mode” pallet.

9 Lachlan

Cost: 1500 V-Bucks

Introduced in November of 2020, the Lachlan Bundle brought with it a number of unique items to spruce up the battle royal, including the PWR Pack, PWR Slicers, and PWR Punch. However, the most noteworthy aspect of the pack is the Lachlan skin itself, named after an Australian YouTuber of the same name, who frequently streams Fortnite. The skin features Lachlan’s signature haircut and a crisp white jacket with lightning bolt accents.

8 LazarBeam

Cost: 1500 V-Bucks

A recent addition to the Icon Outfit collection, LazarBeam’s skin follows in the footsteps of the Lachlan skin pack, as it’s also modeled after another Australian YouTuber.

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However, unlike the Lachlan skin, the LazarBeam skin focuses more on his job before he became a Fortnite streamer, featuring a construction/handyman design, with the toolbelt and safety glasses to match.

7 Loserfruit

Cost: 1500 V-Bucks

Named after a YouTuber of the same name, the Loserfruit skin offers something truly unique from the Icon Outfit collection. As of April 20th, 2021, Loserfruit holds the distinction of being the first female skin in the Icon Series (and to date, the only female skin in the series, barring glitches).

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The skin features a cropped tie-dye hoodie and a pink baseball cap to top everything off. Additionally, if players choose to shell out a few more V-Bucks, players will also receive a custom emote, dual-wielded harvesting tool, and the ever upbeat Buddy Bag.

6 Major Lazer

Cost: 1600 V-Bucks

Created as a collaboration between the developers of Fortnite and the EDM group Major Lazer, the Lazerism set stormed onto the scene in 2019, bringing with it a slew of add-on content, including several emotes, tools, and even two different copies of a Major Lazer remix. Also included in the Lazerism set was the iconic Major Lazer skin, which features Major Lazer DJ Walshy Fire in a red beret, a green vest, and a gold-plated arm.

5 Marshmello

Cost: 1500 V-Bucks

Modeled after the musician of the same name, Marshmello’s release into the game began with something of a mystery. Before being officially announced, Marshmello’s existence as a player skin was teased with posters of the skin being scattered around the game world.

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After officially being released on January 31st, 2019, Marshmello’s skin proved to be one of the more interactive skins, as Marshmello’s head, shoes, and pants will light up when various musical emotes are used by the player.

4 Ninja

Cost: 1500 V-Bucks

Taking the Twitch username of the popular Fortnite streamer Tyler Blevins, Ninja was one of the first members of the Icon Series to be introduced to the general public. Somewhat unique even amongst the members of the series, Ninja’s outfit has four possible variants: Default, Mask On, Raven, and Reactive, each of which bring something new and different to the character. This is accentuated further when combined with the various components of the Ninja set, which adds a new emote, back-bling, and dual katanas.

3 TheGrefg

Cost: 1500 V-Bucks

Named after a Spanish content creator of the same name, TheGrefg’s skin is perhaps one of the more striking additions to the Icon Series. Taking inspiration from the Dragon Ball series, TheGrefg’s skin features a number of glowing orbs (back bling called the “Balls of Power”), as well as a series of striking reds, blacks, and yellows in honor of his Spanish heritage.

2 Travis Scott

Cost: 1500 V-Bucks

Introduced as a part of the Astronomical Bundle in April of 2020, Travis Scott needs no introduction. Along with the Astro Jack skin, both are based on rapper Jacques Webster, whose stage name is Travis Scott. Unlike many of the Icon Series, the Travis Scott skin is somewhat subdued, and serves more as an accurate (if somewhat stylized) representation of Travis Scott, depicting the rapper shirtless and in beige cargo pants. He also has a secondary style option called “T-3500,” which depicts Scott with somewhat charred pants and a more robotic appearance.

1 Neymar Jr

Cost: 950 V-Bucks

The most recent addition to the Icon Series, the Neymar Jr skin holds the unique distinction of being the first athlete in the series and being the first Icon Series outfit that can be obtained in the Battle Pass. His outfit sports the green, blue and yellow uniform of Brazilian soccer player Neymar de Silvia Santos Jr, who the pack is named after. The uniform also comes with an all-black variant, with a subtle black texture to boot.

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