Superman, Rick And Morty And Battle Pass Overhaul

Season 7 of Fortnite’s second chapter has arrived following on the heels of a lackluster and mostly disappointing “Primal” Season 6. This season’s theme?


Specifically, alien invasion. There are now UFOs at various random Named Locations, Sweaty Sands has become Believer Beach (where they welcome our new extraterrestrial overlords with open arms) and an alien-themed Battle Pass.

On top of new Battle Pass skins, we also have the return of Battle Stars, something I lamented recently in my video on why Season 6 was so bad.

In any case, for the purposes of this post we’ll take a look at the season’s new Battle Pass skins. You unlock these and other cosmetics with the new Battle Star system. As you level up you earn Battle Stars and you can spend these to unlock whichever Battle Pass item you want in whatever order you want, though you’ll need to level up to unlock the ability to purchase higher tiers of cosmetics.

This, of course, is not at all how Battle Stars used to work, but it could still be kind of cool.

Here are the Season 7 Battle Pass skins. Remember, these don’t follow the typical “Tier” system from past Battle Passes. You’ll unlock new tabs as you level up with XP, and within these you can buy cosmetics with Battle Stars, unlocking the “Locked” cosmetic once you’ve purchased all the items in that tab. So you might not be able to just buy the skin you want if it’s a locked item. There are ten “pages” in the Battle Pass and you’ll unlock these as you level up, so you can’t just use your first Battle Stars to unlock Rick Sanchez of Rick and Morty fame. You’ll still need to grind your way there or pony up real money.

Okay, here are the Season 7 skins and other cosmetics in all ten “pages” of the new Battle Pass.








Dr Slone

Rick Sanchez

The closest thing to a Morty skin? This harvesting pickaxe:

Poor kid.

In any case, that’s all folks! These are the Season 7 Battle Pass skins. They’re decent but definitely not great, and so far this season is looking just the same—decent, not great. At least sniper rifles are back!

Watch the Season 7 Battle Pass trailer right here.

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