Fortnite Leaker Claims Epic Wasn’t Able To Get Rights For Samus Skin

A reliable Fornite leaker shares that Epic Games went to Nintendo to gain some characters, namely Metroid’s Samus Aran, and were denied the rights.

A reputable Fortnite leaker shares that Nintendo’s space commando, Samus, will not be coming to Season 7 of the ever-popular battle royale and she probably won’t be coming any time in the future either. Fortnite is now notorious for adding characters from every facet of pop culture and it is interesting to see a hiccup in their universe gathering plans.

Fortnite continues to be an ongoing cultural phenomenon since its release in July of 2017. The game was released as a base-building wave defense game that pit players against an ongoing monster invasion while avoiding an ever-advancing storm. Eventually, Epic Games released a battle royale game mode that utilized the game’s unique build mechanic and quirky art style. The rest is history. At this point, Fortnite has had the Avengers, John Wick, Kratos, Master Chief, and many, many more partake in the infinite survival loop within the game. There is even an ongoing comic series that follows Batman as he fights his way out of the tournament while teaming up and fighting some very interesting individuals.

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Now, a respected Fortnite leaker known as Shiina shares via Twitter that Epic Games met with Nintendo recently about adding some of their characters to the game. It has been teased over and over again that the upcoming season of Fortnite will take place during an alien invasion and who better to fight off some aliens than Samus Aran herself. In the end, Nintendo refused to give the rights to Metroid up to Epic Games, seemingly ending the negotiations on that front.

In line with previous season reveals, Epic Games has continuously teased Fortnite‘s Season 7 through hints placed around the game’s map and various pieces of promotional material. Alien messages and crop circles hint towards an alien invasion accosting Fortnite island. Another image released teases some other high-profile characters heading to the game. An image recently shared on Twitter shows various random objects flying through a portal, one of which is the Butter Robot from Rick & Morty. At this point, it appears as if no stable of characters from any universe is off-limits to appear in the ongoing battle royale – with the exception of Nintendo apparently.

Outside of the game world, Epic Games has had a long-running battle royale of its own in the form of its court battle with Apple. The argument phase of the case has concluded but the judge presiding over the case has said it might take them until August to decide which of the two companies is in the wrong. Dealing with a historic lawsuit has not slowed Epic Games down though, as Fortnite is bigger than ever and continues to grow.

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Source: Shiina/Twitter

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