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Corsair’s Katar Pro is a no-nonsense budget wireless mouse and it’s just $28 right now

Corsair didn’t try to reinvent the mouse when it released the Katar Pro Wireless. It’s a low frills rodent with a delightfully low MSRP—just $39.99 regularly. That’s already a bargain for a gaming mouse, but it’s even cheaper at Amazon right now, where it can be had for only $27.99.

Paying so little almost feels like highway robbery for a wireless mouse from a recognizable brand. This is a decent mouse, too. It doesn’t feel like a budget offering, despite being priced as one, even before the discount. In fact, we consider this the best wireless gaming mouse for buyers on a budget.

Budget Friendly Wireless Mouse

Corsair Katar Pro Wireless Mouse | 10,000 DPI | 96 Grams | $39.99 $27.99 at Amazon (save $12)
The Katar Pro Wireless is an excellent wireless mouse for buyers on a budget, and holds true even before today’s discount. With the sale price in play, this rodent is even easier to recommend.
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