How To Test New Season 7 Weapon Now (Pulsar 9000)

The upcoming Season 7 of Fortnite promises many cool and crazy additions to the game, and players can already try out one of the teased weapons.

Season 7 of Fortnite is beginning tomorrow, June 8th. If the recent Season 6 is any indication, the next few months will be chock full of engaging content for players to enjoy. Before Season 7 fully kicks off, players already have the chance to test out the upcoming Pulsar 9000 weapon. This guide will explain how to get early access to the awesome new weapon and get a leg up on the competition in Fortnite.

Trying the new Season 7 weapon isn’t the only way to get a taste of what’s to come. The alien-themed content of the upcoming season has already been making waves in Fortnite.  Evidence of an alien invasion has shown up all over the battle royale map for several days, and it’s even possible to be abducted by aliens. Some of the recent quests that players have been able to challenge have been designed to prepare fans to encounter the impending extraterrestrial threat.

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A recent teaser for Season 7 has peaked player curiosity by highlighting a few seemingly random items. A pair of glasses, an electric guitar, and an interesting new weapon. This weapon is the Pulsar 9000, and it’s already available for use in the current version of Fortnite. To grab the Pulsar 9000 and get a feel for the weapon before it comes to the battle royale mode, players just need to head over to the Save the World game mode.

How to Test the New Pulsar 9000 Season 7 Weapon Now in Fortnite

In the Save the World cooperative game mode, players can get access to the Pulsar 9000 weapon by following a few specific steps. From the menu, gamers should head to their Collection Book. The Pulsar 9000 will be found in the Retro SciFi Weapons tab. For fans who do not already have this weapon unlocked from a previous in-game event, it’s possible to obtain the schematic with a Weapon Research Voucher. These vouchers are received as level-up rewards by simply playing Save the World over time.

With the Pulsar 9000 schematic unlocked, it’s time to test the weapon on a Save the World map. When playing Save the World, players can open their inventory and find the Pulsar 9000 among the list of craftable weapons. Depending on the materials the player has on-hand, it will be possible to craft a 1-star version of the weapon, or as high as a 5-star version. Regardless of rank, this will give fans the chance to really see what some upcoming Season 7 content is like.

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It should be said that there’s a sizable barrier to entry on testing the Pulsar 9000 weapon this way. The Save the World cooperative PvE mode is locked behind a $15.99 paywall. This price may not be worth it to players who just want to try out a new weapon one day before it gets added to the main game. For die-hard Fortnite fans, and those who already enjoy Save the World, it could be worth the time to check out the Pulsar 9000 and get used to some of the other changes that Season 7 will bring.

Fortnite is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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