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Bungie admits it shipped Destiny 2’s Stasis power knowing it would need to be nerfed ‘three or four times’

When Bungie released its Beyond Light expansion to Destiny 2 in October 2020, it gave Guardians the ability to wield a completely new damage element called Stasis. Becoming a frost wizard was awesome for Destiny 2’s PvE players, but the ice-themed abilities also shattered the fragile balance of its PvP mode, The Crucible. For months, hardcore and casual players alike have complained about how Stasis had sucked the fun out of PvP matches. After months punctuated by incremental nerfs that did little to slow the dominance of Stasis, Bungie rolled out a swingering set of balance changes to the Stasis subclass in a bid to address the biggest pain points which have been endured by the PVP community over the past eight months. 

When we shipped it the consensus we had was yep, we’re gonna have to nerf that.

Kevin Yanes

Meanwhile, in a revealing interview on the Destiny Community Podcast that also took place this week, Abilities Feature and Sandbox Discipline Lead Kevin Yanes along with Weapons Feature Lead Chris Proctor spoke candidly about how Stasis came to be so overpowered in PvP, admitting that they knew it would need to be nerfed when they shipped it. The whole interview is worth listening to in its entirety, and touches on a number of current player concerns as well as providing a fascinating look at how the dev team approaches changes to the live game. You can find the full version over at the Destiny Community Podcast. 

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