#heiseshow: Epic vs. Apple – why it’s about much more than “Fortnite”

In the process of “Fortnite” and the rules in the app store, Epic and Apple have been in a high-profile exchange of blows in court for weeks. Superficially, it’s about the sacking of the hit game from the app store after Epic smuggled its own payment option to Apple. Epic speaks of abuse of a dominant position. There is still no telling how the dispute will end, but Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers won’t have the last word anyway. The heavy commissions not only from Apple and the strict requirements for developers are now also being viewed critically by market watchdogs in Europe and the USA. The business model will probably not be sustained for much longer. We’ll discuss that.

What exactly is the dispute between Epic and Apple about? What allegations does Epic raise, how does Apple defend itself? What have been the most exciting findings so far from the statements in court? Which major industry issues are affected? Is it just about commissions of up to 30 percent for offers in app and other stores? What are the consequences of the dispute? What can already be foreseen?

Kristina Beer (@bee_k_bee) and Martin Holland (@fingolas) from heise online live with Daniel Herbig from heise online and Leonhard Becker from Mac & i (@fscklog).

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