Fortnite Season 7 New Teaser Image Possible Superman Battle Pass Skin, Alien Invasion

Epic Games released a second teaser image Sunday morning. This one, like the first teaser from yesterday, has three images side-by-side. In the bottom right corner you can see three glyphs as well, two of which are lit up. This means we have one more teaser to come, almost certainly tomorrow.

The first teaser included a baby Fish Stick Back Bling, a carton of milk and a mysterious alien weapon. The second teaser follows the same pattern. There’s what appears to be a guitar Back Bling on the left, a pair of glasses in the center and another futuristic weapon of some sort on the right.

On Twitter, the teaser post reads:

Catalog Entry #407-740

When placed onto the face this strange plastic device seemed to make us appear as unrecognizable.

More testing required.

Full data upload – 6.8.2021

This is clearly a reference to the glasses. What makes this a possible tease for a superhero is the fact that one of the most famous superheroes of all time wore glasses to disguise their true identity. Clark Kent simply donned a pair of glasses and a normal suit and voila! he was no longer recognizable as Superman. Will Superman be the seventh season’s “secret” skin? That’s certainly a step up from Neymar.

It also makes sense that Superman would arrive in an alien-themed season. He’s an alien, after all.

On Instagram the teaser post is different:

Results for device with hole in center:

-Taste – Unsatisfactory

-Possible weapon usage – subpar

-Noise when metallic strings are struck – Pleasant

More sessions needed.

Full data upload – 6.8.2021

Clearly this is a reference to the guitar. Does this mean it’s not just a Back Bling? Could it be some kind of toy that makes actual music?

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On Facebook:

Final designs of proximity deterrent device now rendering. Lab results show positive effect on target movement and trajectory.

Test subjects to be acquired soon for further analysis.

Full data upload – 6.8.2021

Obviously a weapon. I think we’re ditching normal weapons for plasma rifles and laser guns. Or maybe it’ll be similar to how Primal weapons worked, with both normal and Alien arsenals at our disposal.

We’ll know soon enough. The new season starts on June 8th. Read more about Season 7 right here. Check out the first teaser image here. And read our guide on where to destroy 5 Spooky TV Sets here.

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