‘Fortnite’ Emotes Tracker: Price and How to Get the Emote of TikTok Star Bella Poarch

A TikTok star and music artist has been revealed to have entered a collab with Fortnite.

Bella Poarch, who has amassed 66 million followers on TikTok, has choreographed and recorded emotes for the popular battle game’s Chapter 2 Season 7. The emote would carry music and choreography from her debut single, “Build a B@$tch,” the music video of which reached a staggering 147 million YouTube views.

Bella Poarch, Latest Online Star in Fortnite Emote List

These are incredible numbers for the Internet star, and it’s quite compelling for Fortnite to include this prolific creators in the Icon series.

The Filipino American TikToker is now among several online celebrities with Fortnite emotes, including Backpack Kid and Pokimane, and interestingly the dance icon himself, John Travolta. She rose to popularity after her lip-synching video of Millie B.’s “Soph Aspin Send” became the most liked video on TikTok, having over 49 million likes.

Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Season 6 is ending shortly, and signing up Poarch will most certainly boost the game’s popularity ahead of Chapter 2, Season 7, Go Sunoob said.

Her song, which tells a dystopian story, has inspired most of the choreography in the emote, which includes a robotic dance routine. It did not include the song’s chorus, given the offensive language in the song’s lyrics, Dexerto noted. Yet the song’s breakdown would be best for the emote, being one of the only portions of the video that features dancing.

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She is the latest artist who made a successful transition from TikTok influencer to pop singer, with the list including Addison Rae and Chase Hudson.

Bella Poarch to Get Fortnite Skin Soon?

She has yet to have a Fortnite skin of her own in her flashy debut, SportsKeeda said, unlike American DJ Marshmello. But there is a big possibility that Epic Games would soon release one, especially if the emote will reach considerable success.

Fortnite is famous for collaborating with non-gaming celebrities to expand their reach, and this Poarch partnership shows that impressive strategy.

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How to Get Fortnite’s Bella Poarch Emote

To get this Bella Poarch emote, players need to visit the Item Shop, where Fortnte skins are available. The Bella Poarch “Build Up” emote can be found under the “Featured” category. To purchase this Icon series emote, players need to shell out 500 V-bucks. Once purchased, players can include the emote in their inventory.

In addition to the Bella Poarch emote, the Item Shop also offers interesting outfits that will only be available for a limited time-Nevermore’s Raven and Ravage-both priced at 2000 V-bucks, with some minor customizations, SportsKeeda noted. Ravage will have its own contrail and back bling and Raven carring a back bling. Other items available on the Nevermore set include the Feathered Flyer glider, which costs 800 V-bucks, and the pickaxe Iron Beak, which included in the set that best matches with either the Raven or Ravage outfits.

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