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Do you replay games if you don’t get the ‘best’ ending?

Sometimes you have to replay part of a game multiple times to get the ‘true’ ending, like in the Nier or Zero Escape series. But other games have endings you can easily miss because of a decision you made 20 hours back, or because you didn’t earn enough magic war points, or because you earned too many magic chaos points. When that happens do you go back for a do-over, or is your first playthrough an unalterable canon even—if you missed out on the golden secret true ending?

Do you replay games if you don’t get the ‘best’ ending?

Here are our answers, plus some from our forum.

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Robin Valentine: Thankfully this style of design seems to have largely faded away these days, because it’s one of my least favourite things in games. I find it so hugely dispiriting to find out I’ve crossed some point of no return that means that the last moments of the game will be the equivalent of the developers wagging a finger at me for not doing things properly. I’m far more likely to react by just quitting in frustration right before the finish line and never returning than I am to start all over again. If I get an inclining that a game has a set-up like that, I’ll usually look up some pointers beforehand to make sure I don’t make any ending-ruining blunders—though that usually means having a bunch of stuff spoiled for me, messing up the experience either way.

The way Persona 4 and 5 handle this really wound me up. I love those games, and actually one of the things I like about them is the way they encourage you to not perfectly micro-manage your experience—their structure, which limits how much you can do in a day while giving you an overwhelming amount of choices, pushes you to just go with your gut and roll with your mistakes. What could be more appropriate than that for a series about teenage life? But then they always have some nonsense at the end where if you didn’t do this, this, and this, then you don’t get to see the true ending, and if you don’t do that right you won’t get to see the super secret even truer ending. To add insult to injury, this always seems to mean having to play another 20 hours of super hard bullshit dungeon crawl. It’s like eating your vegetables so you can have dessert, only to find out the real treats are behind a 30-foot wall of cold cabbage. 

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Christopher Livingston: Once upon a time I’d probably spend the extra time to see multiple endings. Today, I’ll most likely just fire up YouTube and watch someone else who’s done all the hard work to unlock and record various endings.  I’m always curious about roads not taken, but not enough to experience them myself. 

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