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The NVMe interface built for lightning fast SSDs now supports the humble hard drive

You read that right. The NVMe protocols that allow for super-fast SSD read and write speeds will soon support ‘rotational media’, i.e. HDDs, hard drives. That won’t make your HDD faster in any way—that’s still limited by the speed at which the arm inside the drive can actuate—but it does mean there’s less reason for SATA to stick around in the future.

HDD support is arriving alongside the new NVMe 2.0 specification (thanks, Anandtech), which includes heaps of updates for more effective use and storage using an SSD alongside the spinning platter stuff. NVMe, or Non-volatile Memory Express, is the bridge between an SSD and its host—most often a PC for us lot. It’s the most popular interface for modern SSDs found in gaming PCs, and is essentially a way for your SSD to tap into the speeds on offer over the high-bandwidth PCIe bus.

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