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The Atari VCS is going on sale later this month

The Ataribox was revealed to the world in June 2017 as a new console “based on PC technology” that had already been in development for years at that point. Despite that, it didn’t take long for things to go off the rails: A planned Indiegogo campaign was paused at the last minute (although it eventually happened and was extremely successful, pulling in more than $3.6 million), there was a diversion into cryptocurrency for some reason, and then it re-emerged in 2019 as the Atari VCS, a Ryzen-powered box capable of running Windows, although it’s based on Linux out of the box.

Despite a rough ride that included an ugly interview with The Register and the resignation of system architect Rob Wyatt, who claimed in October 2019 that he hadn’t been paid in more than six months, units finally started shipping to Indiegogo backers in October 2020. Later this month it will achieve an even bigger milestone, as Atari announced that it will go on sale through regular retail channels on June 15.

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