‘Fortnite Leaks’ Search Query Higher than ‘Content’ Searches | Would the Hype be there if Leakers Never Existed?

'Fortnite Leaks' Search Query Higher than 'Content' Searches | Would the Hype be there if Leakers Never Existed?
(Photo : Screenshot From Epic Games Website) ‘Fortnite Leaks’ Search Query Higher than ‘Content’ Searches | Would the Hype be there if Leakers Never Existed?

“Fortnite leaks” has been searched more than the game itself. While most games search queries are for gameplays or content related searches, “Fortnite,” on the other hand, has more search queries for leaks.

‘Fortnite Leaks’ Top Search Query

According to Twitter user HYPEX, the game’s leaks search compared to other popular “Fortnite” searches in the past 4 years, bring users to a question. The question as of the moment is where would “Fortnite” content and hype be if leakers had NEVER existed or were actually stopped early especially for the game’s Chapter 2.

For the long time fans of “Fortnite” there have definitely been some pretty good moments but now, it seems like the hype is slowly fading away. Although the game is still extremely popular, when comparing the game’s current popularity with that of its popularity when the Travis Scott concert launched in the games, the difference is quite significant.

‘Fortnnite’ Deadpool, DC, and Marvel Skins

Back in the day, every new skin was met with quite a hoorah as gamers were looking forward to Deadpool and other strong game skins. With newer skins becoming less and less exciting, it’s quite interesting to see what “Fortnite” plans to do next in order to keep the hype going on.

While the DC and Marvel character releases were quite the hype, it’s a bit hard to imagine what the “Fortnite” could do next. As of the moment, the big news with Epic Games is regarding its tight situation with Apple.

‘Epic Games’ vs. Apple

According to the story by Financial Times, ever since the curtain closed some time last week on the court hearing between Epic Games and Apple, in which Epic Games accused the iPhone maker of operating what it noted to be an “illegal monopoly,” the industry analysts have actually been scurrying to decipher the complex case. This would directly affect the future of the app store, the antitrust legislation, and even the two biggest tech companies in the world.

Beyond the main arguments of this particular case, however, the three-week trial has also provided a lot of absurdist entertainment and even provoked some questions for anyone with an interest in both tech and gaming. A number of documents coming from the court brought out evidence that showed a number of controversial happenings behind the scenes within the whole gaming companies, which are considered generally notorious due to the lack of transparency.

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‘Fortnite’ Metaverse

The question, as of the moment, is regarding the terminology used to define the video game. This is quite relevant due to Epic Games wanting this case to encompass all of the App Store purchases. Apple, on the other hand, restricts its purview to just digital game sales. Apple argued that Fortnite was a video game but Epic CEO Tim Sweeney called it a “phenomenon that transcends gaming” and called it a “metaverse.”

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