They’re Here: UFOs Have Begun Abducting Fortnite Players

After days of teases and weeks of leaks, UFOs have finally begun abducting people in Fortnite. Tuesdays are typically update days for Epic’s huge game, but today seemed to come and go without any fanfare, patch notes, or other major milestones to note. That was the case until this evening, at least. Players have begun sharing clips of the first-ever alien abductions in Fortnite.

As you can see below, the aliens seem to appear at random and choose one person to abduct. A brilliant beam of greenlight then focuses on that player for a few seconds before they’re lifted into the air and eventually dematerialized in front of any onlookers nearby. If, like Fox Mulder, you want to believe, here’s your proof.

This in-game event was leaked earlier this season but was not announced to be coming at any particular time. As is often the case, dataminers were able to tip off the community before Epic could really surprise everyone, but the arrival of UFOs still feels sudden given the lack of any official advance notice.

According to leaks, the UFOs will abduct someone during a round, heal them fully with 100 health and shields, then drop them somewhere else on the island to resume playing. This additional clip confirms the leaks, as it shows the event from the perspective of an abductee. With this all happening so suddenly, there’s still more to learn, but it seems like the next week will be eventful.

Those who study alien abduction reports are likely familiar with the concept of lost time, where alleged abductees claim to have minutes or even hours of their experiences wiped from their memories and unaccounted for. Could it be that players who get abducted by Fortnite aliens will later learn they’ve been used in some grander scheme as part of the Season 7 storyline? Such a twist sounds in line with the same lore guardians currently obfuscating the apparent truth that Fortnite’s masked man, The Foundation, is secretly played by The Rock.

This is all building up to Fortnite Season 7, which kicks off on June 8 and by all accounts will be themed around aliens, perhaps even starring Marvel’s Loki as a Battle Pass character. The aliens have appeared before all five Foreshadowing Quests have gone live in the game–we’re still waiting on two more. You can also catch up with the cryptic teasers for Season 7, as well as peek at the upcoming Week 12 challenges, the final weekly challenges of Season 6.

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