Fortnite Season 7 teaser warns of aliens coming

In the lead-up to the new Fortnite Season, Epic has gone ahead and posted the first official teaser ahead of its release. Be aware, as the rumors surrounding aliens are all confirmed with this new teaser! 

The beginning of any Fortnite season is one that brings in players from all communities to speculate what Epic has in store for us. This has been the trend for some time now, and Epic does an incredible job at building up anticipation in the days before a new season kicks off.

They are once again following this philosophy, as the first teaser for Season 7 has been swarming our social media as of late. One important note  from the teaser is that it all but confirms the existence of aliens in Season 7.

season 7 first teaser
Epic Games

Epic is known for teasing the lore of every new Fortnite season.

Season 7 teaser

In the afternoon on June 2nd, images and videos started piling in regarding the first teaser for Fortnite Season 7. HYPEX was the first source to post a video of the teaser, and according to fellow leaker VsstBlastt, its source originates from Tiktok.

There isn’t a whole lot to gather from the teaser, as with Epic, there is never much we can tell from these videos/images – but the line of text at the bottom of the video says “They’re coming”, which has to be a sign towards the existence of aliens on the Fortnite map.

Epic has been handing out clues surrounding aliens for a while now, as the Foreshadowing quests were only the start of this. Recently, they added crop circles to portions of the map, and some players are even getting abducted by these extraterrestrial folk.

Every Fortnite season has some sort of theme related to the battle pass and the outlook on the map. Furthermore, the lore of Fortnite is one that is constantly changing, and the appearance of aliens in Season 7 is one we did not expect for sure.

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