Fortnite LAN tournaments and events are cancelled until 2022

Epic Games, the publishers of Fortnite, confirmed that there will no longer be any LAN events in 2021. Epic Games sent an email to teams and organizations that they shouldn’t expect any more LAN events this year. In fact, they shouldn’t expect any LAN events and tournaments until well into 2022.

Elite Esports Fortnite pro Connoreo tweeted about an email they received from Epic Games. “BREAKING,” Connoreo tweets alongside screenshots of an announcement, “Epic not hosting or allowing ANY in-person LAN events until Q2 2022.”

The message explains that Epic Games will not allow in-person Fortnite events to take place until Q2 2022 because of the ongoing pandemic. This, of course, affects other events as well. The same message reads, “With confirming that Epic will not allow for in-person events, we are forced to make a decision regarding this year’s Midwest Open Circuit. Iowa Esports and it’s partners have made the decision to cancel this year’s Midwest Open Circuit that was scheduled for June 12th-13th.”

Of course, this comes as bad news for Fortnite pro players and organizations. While many other tournament organizers and publishers returning to international LAN events in 2021, it’s baffling why Epic Games won’t do the same. However, it does make great business sense. Why spend on organizing LAN events which are costly and rarely make a profit? It’s not like Epic Games still needs to promote Fortnite anymore, given how many players continue to play the game. It’s even one of their biggest revenue drivers. Besides, Fortnite remains one of the most popular streamed games on most platforms, giving the game free marketing and exposure.

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