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YouTuber Josh Strife Hayes is on a quest to play the worst MMOs ever made

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of person has the fortitude and passion for games to play the world’s worst MMORPGs, well, we found him.

There’s something special about great MMOs like Final Fantasy 14: they’re the kinds of games that can swallow you up in sprawling stories, months-long quests for the ultimate gear, and communities that inspire lifelong friendships. There’s also something special about terrible MMORPGs. Because when they’re bad, they’re really bad: the MMO genre can be a cornucopia of dull game design, hilarious glitches, and microtransaction bullshit. They’re also notoriously time-intensive to play, and as a result many commercially unsuccessful MMOs remain tragically unexamined. Thankfully there’s someone documenting this rich and varied history, and his name is Josh Strife Hayes.

I find a unique enjoyment in something being awful.

Josh Strife Hayes
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