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Well, here’s a nude Geralt Skyrim mod

There are plenty of mods for bringing characters from The Witcher into Skyrim, and we’ve even tried playing as Geralt with Triss and Yennefer as companions. One frontier had yet to be crossed, however. Thanks to the Butcher of Blaviken’s unique physique and scarring, none of the Geralt mods really looked like him with his clothes off. Until now.

Modder matthouss is responsible for Unique SOS body type and skin textures for Geralt follower, the mod that gives the White Wolf an appropriate nude mesh. To use it you’ll also need Geralt of Rivia voiced follower and SOS: Schlongs of Skyrim, as well as whichever of Skyrim’s adult mods you prefer. Some of those links are NSFW, in case you needed to be told. Time to update the list of Best Skyrim mods again.

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