“They’re Coming” Claims Potentially Fortnite-Related DVDs And Postcards Received By Gamers

Aliens before Peter Griffin? Blasphemy.

Gamers are being sent postcards and DVDs with the message “they’re coming” and it seems to be tied to Fortnite.

In the last week many gamers have reported receiving postcards, posters and DVDs that contain the message “they’re coming”. There’s no confirmation that it’s related to Fortnite yet, but similar symbols and quests have been found within the game, so it seems incredibly likely that it’s teasing the next season’s theme.

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A lot of the imagery from the videos and postcards seem to point towards a space or alien theme. The videos show crop circles of various shapes, whilst the postcards are glowing bright green with imagery of stars and space adoring them. If you call the phone number on the cards, you’ll get weird backwards messages and static.

So far, some of the symbols on the postcards have been found within Fortnite and the coordinates apparently line up with the Cube in Fortnite’s map. Several Fortnite content creators have also started receiving the DVDs, which makes it seem like a marketing stunt for the next season’s theme. Season 7 of Fortnite will begin on June 7, so we likely won’t have to wait long to find out.

If you need more evidence that this is related to Fortnite then the new quests added to the game might convince you, as they show a downed black helicopter and have you fixing telescopes to look up to the stars. The quest is even called “Foreshadowing”. 

Although most are convinced that this is to do with Fortnite in some regard, there are others who think it’s something else entirely. What makes this situation so strange is that many people are receiving the postcards that don’t even play Fortnite. It seems to be linked to iam8bit in some regard, although it’s likely that they are just the distributors.

It would make a lot of sense for Fortnite to go with a space theme, especially considering the Zero Point comic seems to be teasing intergalactic characters like Samus and Loki.

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