Mistborn Author Says More Fortnite Crossovers Could Happen

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One of the more surprising collaborations that Fortnite has done so far is also their most recent one.

Crossing over with the world of Mistborn, a series of books written by renowned fantasy author Brandon Sanderson, the character Kelsier has entered the world of Fortnite.

We’ve seen so many collaborations at this point, so practically nothing is off the table by now, but Epic has never drawn from a book franchise.

The closest thing we’ve gotten to that is comic book characters, but the average fan certainly knows who Thor is more than they would Kelsier.

If the Mistborn crossover has you excited, then you might be interested in knowing that even more characters from the universe could be on the way.

More Characters?

Speaking on the official Mistborn Reddit account, it was confirmed that Sanderson and Donald Mustard are actually very good friends.

“Well, Donald Mustard (director of Fortnite) is a friend of mine,” he wrote. “We worked on Infinity Blade together back in the day. So, he asked if I was interested in sticking Kelsier into the game–and I thought it was cool. So we’ve been working on that for a few months.”

Fans of the world might have a bit more to look forward to in the future, but there won’t any major event like there was for Marvel.

“The deal allows them to make Vin in the future–but I don’t know if they’re planning to or not,” he replied to fan.

It makes sense for them to go with the face of the franchise, but the door is left open for more characters in the future if Epic wants to go that route.

Who’s Next?

fortnite deathstroke cup

Epic Games

While more characters from Mistborn could show up, none of that is confirmed as of yet.

We do know who the next crossover character is and he’s already available for some members of the community. Deathstroke from the DC Universe hits the Item Shop in June, but some players have already unlocked him from his tournament.

After that, it’s up in the air about who’s next. We know there’s one more Batman skin, but we’ve known about him for quite a while now.

Other than that, it’s anybody’s guess as to who’s coming next. We know the DC Comics crossovers will continue into Season 7 and Wonder Woman is a name that has been floated as a possibility.

For the time being, that’s just speculation about what’s coming next, but this is Fortnite we’re talking about. For several seasons now, it’s been a question of when, not if, the next crossover is happening.

The end of the season is practically upon us, so we likely won’t be seeing anything major happen with crossovers between now and then. In fact, the next big thing we’ll be seeing is UFOs and potentially some aliens.

It’s shaping up to be an exciting end to the season, so let’s hope Epic can finish strong and keep the ball rolling into Season 7!

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