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Judge denies Valve’s request for a new trial following Steam Controller lawsuit loss

In February, Valve was ordered to pay $4 million to SCUF Gaming parent Ironburg Inventions for violating the company’s patents with the Steam Controller. The case centered around back paddles on the controller: Ironburg’s lawyers contended that Valve had been warned about the infringement after it revealed a prototype of the controller in 2014 but proceeded to develop and release it anyway, while Valve claimed that the buttons were different from those in the patents held by Ironburg and that there was no infringement at all.

Following the verdict, Valve filed a motion requesting either a judgment as a matter of law—essentially, that the judge set aside the verdict and issue a new ruling—or a new trial, because the jury’s findings and damage awards “were unsupported by the evidence.” In a ruling issued earlier this week (available in full via The Esports Observer), however, the judge disagreed, saying that sufficient evidence was presented, and was in fact quite simple and straightforward.

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