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How greedy microtransactions sparked EVE Online’s disastrous Summer of Rage

Conflict is etched into the very heart of EVE Online. On any given day, thousands of players war against one another as its player-run alliances clash over key star systems and resources. But one of EVE Online’s most disastrous conflicts happened in 2011, when a series of bad development decisions led to in-game protests of an unprecedented scale that, to this day, remain a bitter memory for EVE Online’s long-time pilots. Those few destructive months became known as EVE Online’s Summer of Rage.

Empires of EVE: Volume 2

Empires of EVE: Volume 2

(Image credit: Andrew Groen)

You can find out more information about Empires of EVE: Volume 2 on its official website.

Andrew Groen is an EVE Online historian who has turned its endless conflicts and bitter betrayals into a series of books that chart EVE Online’s violent in-game history. The first book, Empires of EVE, explored EVE Online’s earliest conflicts from its launch in 2003 through to the conclusion of The Great War, which cemented player-run alliances like Goonswarm has one of New Eden’s foremost superpowers. In Empires of EVE: Volume 2, which released on May 25, Groen retells the biggest stories of EVE Online’s modern era. 

In this exclusive transcript taken from the middle of Volume 2, Groen recounts the giant missteps by CCP Games that led to widespread in-game protests in the summer of 2011, the ripples of which are still felt in EVE to this day.

EVE Online

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The Summer of Rage

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