Fortnite: Neymar Jr. Challenges Guide

Score some goals and slam some dunks in this Fortnite/Football (UK version) crossover.

Want to earn all Neymar Jr. rewards? We’ll guide you through each available challenge. There are a ton of challenges to get done if you want to get your hands on every Neymar Jr. item before the season ends. All of these Fortnite challenges are related to soccer, so get ready to score some goals and hit some home runs. That’s soccer, right?

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This is just one of the many collaborations Epic Games has done. Loki might be the next one to join the roster, at least his arrival has already been teased. Leakers have found evidence that points us towards this conclusion.

Here is how you can get all of the Neymar Jr. challenges done in no time.

Talk To A Soccer Character

fortnite soccer npc pleasant park

There are three soccer players you can talk to on Battle Royale island. You can find the soccer characters hanging around the soccer fields in Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges and Dirty Docks.

You only need to talk to one of the new NPCs and by doing so you will be rewarded with a soccer ball toy and Neymar Jr.’s banner icon.

Complete Quests From Soccer Characters

complete quests soccer fortnite

You can talk to any of the soccer characters and accept their quests. Their quests are all related to the sport. They will ask you to score a goal with the soccer ball toy, or they will ask you to walk a certain distance or even hit targets with the soccer ball toy.

You need to complete three quests in order to receive the Matador loading screen. And, perhaps the most anticipated reward of them all, the actual skin. You can get the Neymar Jr. skin by completing five quests from soccer skins.

Drop Kick The Soccer Ball Toy As Neymar Jr. (500 Meters)

You have to equip the Neymar Jr. skin in order to complete this next challenge. Once you’ve done this, enter a match. You can do this at any location so don’t worry about having to drop near a soccer field again.

Select the soccer ball toy and kick it. You will have to kick the ball 500 meters. You can do this challenge considerably faster if you aim up before getting out the soccer ball. This changes the angle of the kick and you’ll kick it further. Do this and you’ll receive the Joia Trophy back bling.

Score A Goal With The Soccer Ball Toy As Neymar Jr.

all neymar jr quests

This challenge is pretty straightforward and won’t give you much of a hassle. While you have the Neymar Jr. skin equipped, head to one of the soccer field locations. There aim at one of the goals and score a goal with the soccer ball toy.

Eliminations as Neymar Jr. (3)

fortnite neymar jr style

The Neymar Jr. skin has an alternative style that you can unlock by using a built-in emote called “Shhh.”. To unlock the emote, all you need to do is eliminate three different players while wearing the Neymar Jr. skin.

Complete Epic Quests

The rest of the Neymar Jr. challenges require you to complete a certain number of Epic (purple rarity) quests. So, completing all of the weekly challenges will be crucial in order to unlock the remaining Neymar Jr. rewards before the end of the season.

  • Complete 45 Epic Quests and earn the I’m Ready spray.
  • Complete 49 Epic Quests and earn the Stealth Shot emoticon.
  • Complete 52 Epic Quests and earn the Hang Loose Celebration emote.
  • Complete 56 Epic Quests and earn the Aerial Acrobat glider.
  • Complete 60 Epic Quests and unlock the Neymar Jr. Exhibition style.

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