Everything You Need To Prepare for Fortnite Season 7

Season 7 is on the horizon for Fortnite, but there are several things players should do to prepare for the massive changes coming to the game.

The end of Fortnite’s primal season six approaches quickly. Though no one knows a lot of details about what’s in store when season seven starts in early June, there are still some things players should keep in mind to prepare for the coming end.

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It’s been an exciting several months as Epic has taken some incredibly interesting steps to make season six stand out within chapter two of Battle Royale. And like every season of Fortnite, a lot of this content will disappear when it all comes to an end. Here are several things players should do to prepare for season seven.

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Preparing for Fortnite Season 7

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Battle Pass

Without a doubt, the first thing to focus on as season seven approaches is the Battle Pass. With 100 tiers to unlock, it’s now or never to collect all of the exclusive skins, accessories, and other goodies that all come with the package. To this point, no Battle Pass exclusive item has seen a return in the Item Store, so if these unlockables aren’t collected now, they will likely be gone forever.


Challenges are a huge part of Battle Royale, as they give players something to do beyond simply surviving the chaos. They’re fun, and always deeply intertwined with the theme and story of the current Fortnite season. These challenges, like the Battle Pass, will only last for as long as the season continues. It’s now or never as far as these are concerned. The nice thing is that by completing challenges, players gain experience which is used to unlock items in the Battle Pass. It’s a two for one!

Legacy Achievements

Players have a global account that persists across seasons, and this account has achievements associated with it. Many of these achievements are season-based, usually obtained by completing specific challenges or reaching a particular level. If players are playing the game, completing challenges, and leveling up their Battle Pass, they’ll get a lot of these achievements. Still, it’s important to keep them in mind if the goal is to do everything there is to do in the season.

Limited Time Modes

Many of the LTMs that are currently active will disappear, potentially forever, at the end of the season. Some like Impossible Escape are so tailored to the themes of the season, it seems likely that they will disappear for good come early June. So it’s important to enjoy these special game modes as much as possible before they’re gone for good.

Season End Event

And last, but not least, players need to keep in mind that like every season of Fortnite, a massive event is on the horizon. With the last day of season six scheduled for June 8th, it seems likely that this is when the event will occur. Players need to mark their calendar, and make sure they can hop online to enjoy what is sure to be an amazing spectacle that hopefully will answer the question: Is The Foundation actually voiced by The Rock?

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Fortnite is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

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