Why DC Comics Needs To Have More Fortnite Crossovers

Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point explores the Dark Knight’s characteristics and his relationships with old and new acquaintances in new, exciting ways.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman/Fortnite #3!

DC is obviously benefiting from publishing its wildly successful Batman and Fortnite crossover, as the series allows writers to explore the relentless (and pointless) violence that transpires in the Fortnite world. What else could readers expect? That’s the point of the popular online battle royale game. The round begins, players descend upon one another in a battlefield that gets increasingly smaller as a barrier slowly closes in, the barrier converges, the next round begins. Repeat.

Mixing this type of gameplay with Batman could have been disastrous. Every Dark Knight series is, while violent, known for complex plotlines and deep, introspective monologues. But the Batman/Fortnite crossover – by the series creators, Donald Mustard, Christos Gage, Reilly Brown, Nelson DeCastro, John Kalisz, and AndWorld Design – proves the character can still be explored on a deeper level, even in a cartoonish world.

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Interestingly, the creative team actually found a way to create a storyline that both exemplifies and even embellishes Batman’s most defining characteristics. As part of his brooding demeanor, Batman rarely speaks, preferring to stay within the confines of his mind. But he’s not just reticent due to personal preference, but because his job depends on investigating, a skill that requires quite a bit of thought. In the Fortnite world, players can’t speak, so he is forced to dwell within his mind more so than usual, almost creating a caricature of himself, but in a profound way.

When Batman eventually learns that he’s trapped in some interminable loop, he is propelled to find a way out, forcing him to once again rely on his sleuthing capabilities. The fact that he is not only able to figure out that he needs to stop fighting, but that he still possesses the ability to actually tear himself away from the fighting to devote his time to problem-solving is compelling, seeing as the world he’s trapped in revolves around combat.

DC would undoubtedly benefit if given the chance to explore how other characters’ attributes are affected in such a unique setting. Fans are continuously drawn to seeing their believed characters evolve. The crossover provides a new and exciting avenue through which to analyze these characters, even for fans who aren’t familiar with or don’t like Fortnite. The crossover obviously complemented Batman’s skills and proclivities. So what would happen if someone like Superman became trapped in such a world?

Additionally, the crossover has forced Batman to connect with characters both in and outside his continuity in ways that wouldn’t be possible in another setting. The memories of every character in the Fortnite world are erased and any experiences that they learn while fighting are wiped from their minds at the end of every round. And yet, Batman and Catwoman have been able to connect on some higher level even though they don’t know who they are. It just proves how emotionally invested they are in each other and that their feelings are strong enough to transcend the rules of this world.

Batman shares a similar experience with G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes. They have never met before, even outside of Fortnite, and yet they still find themselves compelled to engage each other in combat every round. Their abilities in combat are undoubtedly one of the reasons why they are drawn to each other, but something more begins to take shape, even though their memories are perpetually wiped clean. They soon form a sort of respect for one another to the point where they somehow learn to communicate and work together to help Snake Eyes escape.

Much like how the crossover allows its creators to explore characters in a new way, so, too, does it with how they interact with others. The experiment has proven it could enhance Batman‘s relationship with Catwoman and even with characters from different franchises. How would Superman interact with Lex Luthor – or maybe even Sonic the Hedgehog in this world? The sky’s the limit. So long as it lies within Fortnite‘s barrier.

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