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Sonic the Hedgehog livestream will show off ‘upcoming projects’

Sega will host a Sonic Central livestream this Thursday, May 27, and it’s promising “a first look at some of the projects, partnerships, and events for our Sonic 30th celebration.” This year is indeed the 30th anniversary of the original Sega game’s 1991 release, but you don’t exactly need a big milestone to celebrate the blue boi: Sega promised a whole lot of Sonic news in 2020, but we didn’t get much that was relevant to PC, probably thanks to the pandemic.

There’s a fair bit on the cards for Sonic this year, though: the sequel to the live-action film is set to release in April 2022, and the marketing wheels are likely being greased for that right now. There’s also a Sonic Netflix animated series coming later this year, so we might hear more about that.

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