The Emerald GamesCast: Fuji vs. Fortnite (Episode 63) | Multimedia

Alex, Janelle, and Nolan cover some strange happenings in the Apple vs. Epic trial, the PlayStation 5 shortage continues, and a crew of Blizzard/Epic veterans forge a new studio. Also: the group discusses the recent departure of Giant Bomb’s old guard.

Epic vs Apple Trial Highlights/Summary

Epic Claims Fortnite is a “Metaverse” not a Game

Epic Store not profitable yet: Court documents leak, revealing information about many online stores and marketplaces, Sony, Nintendo and Spotify ask court to protect confidential information

Court document revealing 2019 profit for publishers leaked 

Epic games tried to get Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo 1st Party Games on the store in “Operation Moonshot

Nintendo does not allow developers to have ties to the Yakuza 

Sony has a fee for cross console play that epic bullied them for

Apple decides to go after, which is hosted on the epic store, calling their games depraved 

PS5 Shortage is Expected to last into 2022

Blizzard Veterans form Lightforge Games


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The Emerald GamesCast is a weekly video game news and discussion podcast from the Emerald Podcast Network with an industry focus. Hosted by three best friends, each episode will provide the listener with a week’s worth of gaming headlines and conversation about current releases. Guests welcome, scripts discouraged and passion essential.

Graphic: Regan Nelson/Emerald. Theme music is “Flamingo (Azureflux Remix)” by Kero Kero Bonito, modified under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

This podcast was edited by podcast producer Sophia Prince

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